Thursday, 11. June 2015

INTRAVIS: Worldwide successful trade fairs

INTRAVIS makes its way also in a declining global business climate. During the trade fair season of 2015, the leading producer for vision inspection systems for the Plastic Packaging Industry maintained its position on international markets. Starting with the Interplastica in Moscow, INTRAVIS entered the trade fair season, followed by an entrance on the biggest American Plastic trade fair NPE in Orlando, Florida. The Chinaplas in Guangzhou was the latest trade fair show so far.

„The markets in Russia and China are judged to be a little difficult at the moment but we are well positioned in both", says Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann, CEO of INTRAVIS. "Although the propensity to invest in both markets is not on the same high level as it used to be two years ago, they still are very interesting to us. In these countries, we have many existing customers and a lot of systems in the field."

Maintaining contact with customers

A good reason to be present at the Interplastica in Moscow further on. "Reliability is a key factor to our customers", Fuhrmann emphasizes. "INTRAVIS will take any opportunity to be present and available for their customers. That's why we have no reason whatsoever to change anything about our trade fair commitments." This is also the case for the Chinese market: Despite slower economical growth, INTRAVIS stays faithful to its customers and provides them with advice and service.

Success story NPE

The participation at this year's NPE in Florida, the largest International Plastics showcase of the Americas was a big success. Here, INTRAVIS lived up to its reputation as a technological market leader and sold a vast number of systems as well as gaining new customers. Moreover, the hidden champion presented an entirely new system at the booth of its cooperating partner Husky Injection Molding Systems Ltd.: the LayerWatcher, a brand new non-destructive optical technology to measure the different layer thicknesses in preforms. "We still are well on our way", Dr. Fuhrmann concludes. "Some markets are in a weak development at the moment. But as we are internationally well positioned, we will keep on growing."

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