Friday, 8. September 2017

INTRAVIS introduces new smart camera solution IntraOne!

INTRAVIS GmbH, an expert in vision inspection for the plastic packaging industry, launches IntraOne!, the latest development in their product portfolio. The one-camera solution presented at Drinktec (September 11-15,  2017 in Munich, Germany) combines the advantages of a smart camera with INTRAVIS's proven IntraVision software.


The need for specific quality control in the plastic packaging industry has been increasing for years. At the same time, the available space for the extensive inspection is decreasing. INTRAVIS reacts to this area of conflict with its new product, the IntraOne! system. The one-camera solution, which is also capable of challenging environments, can be easily integrated into any production line.


INTRAVIS can use its proven IntraVision software without additional hardware due to the industrial PC integrated into the camera. The user-friendly software is pre-installed ready for operation and does not have to be configured separately. In regards to INTRAVIS inspection modules, the customers of the vision system supplier based in Aachen, Germany benefit from more than 20 years of experience in the inspection of plastic packaging. IntraOne! can be used for various inspection objects such as preforms, closures, bottles, containers, labels or decoration.


Like all INTRAVIS solutions, IntraOne! is a turn-key system. Together with the customer, an experienced INTRAVIS Service Technician will chose the optimum configuration for the inspection task and then carry out the installation. The annual maintenance can also be handled by a Service Technician. This way the user does not require his own personnel to install or maintain the smart camera solution.


In addition to the complete product quality control INTRAVIS has been offering for many years with its various vision inspection systems, IntraOne! now enables quality control of specific criteria. Compared to the previous solutions, it offers great savings in terms of hardware and price. The customer has the choice whether he wants to focus on one criterion or on the product as a whole.

INTRAVIS will introduce IntraOne! for the first time at Drinktec in Munich, Germany September 11-15, 2017. At Eckel & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG (Hall A2, Stand 425) it will perform a comprehensive inspection of plastic closures.

The IntraOne! equipment at a glance

The IntraOne! equipment at a glance © INTRAVIS