Friday, 2. December 2016

INTRAVIS succeeds with the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia

Success in South East Asia! This fall, INTRAVIS for the first time presented itself on the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia to its customers.

During the four days of the show, the team especially showcased the newly developed software IntraVisualizer to the visitors. Sascha Baumanns, International Sales Manager Asia Pacific, sees a connection between the high public interest and the current developments in the international plastic packaging industry: “The single elements of the production lines are getting more and more interconnected and the producers require more information from the production process. Our vision inspection systems collect this information – in the next step, the software visualizes it as easy-to-read graphs. This way, the user has a good decision-making basis.”

The self-developed software IntraVisualizer turns all measurement result data in informative graphs. The user can easily monitor all accordingly equipped lines – across sites and even countries. Different time periods like shifts or days as well as batches can be visualized. The development of different product characteristics can be seen precisely on the display. The software is usable by touchscreen and on all common internet browsers.

Sascha Baumanns is very satisfied with the result of the fair: “It was very much worthwhile taking part. Many customers who couldn’t make it to the K show this time were glad to meet us in Asia again after the Chinaplas in spring.”

INTRAVIS succeeds with the Plastics & Rubber Indonesia