Wednesday, 2. May 2018

New inspection systems, trendsetting technology and a world premiere – INTRAVIS at NPE 2018

INTRAVIS will utilize its presence at this year’s NPE show (May 7-11, 2018 in Orlando, Florida, USA at booth W3391) to introduce new standards for the quality control of plastic packaging.

Highlights: New equipment, trendsetting technology and the latest development in the field of preform inspection.

Since its very first participation in NPE, INTRAVIS has been using the biggest plastics exhibition in North America to present its innovations to the public. This time, the company is going to exhibit inspection solutions in their own booth, as well as in partner booths, that have the potential to revolutionize quality control in the plastic packaging industry - both in the short term and long term.


World premiere: The new innovation in preform inspection – The INTRAVIS PreWatcher® 4

17 cameras and up to 72,000 preforms per hour within a space-saving footprint of only 3m² (32 ft²) – These are the main features of the brand new PreWatcher® 4, going public for the first time. Its extensive inspection possibilities make it the perfect choice for all common types of preforms, e.g. for beverage, milk or cosmetics preforms with a narrow overhanging support ring - no matter if they are transparent, intensely colored or even opaque. Moreover, thanks to its innovative adjustment approach, exchange parts become unnecessary. With its vast amount of individual inspections, the PreWatcher® 4 leaves no inspection criterion to be desired and scores with its accuracy. Its numerous cameras and viewing perspectives gather more data to enable precise decisions. Operation of the system is further simplified with easy collection of reference samples, as well as the possibility to sort and arrange the preforms for further processing via an outfeed rail. The PreWatcher® 4 will set new standards for the inspection of PET preforms – See it live for the first time in booth W3391.


Space-saving inspection solution for pharmaceutical bottles

Compact, comprehensive and cost-effective – This best describes the new INTRAVIS product for bottle inspection, the SpotWatcher® S.

Within a footprint of 1m² (11 ft²), this system offers extraordinary capabilities for the quality control of bottles. The SpotWatcher® S is based on INTRAVIS’ newest software version, which offers two particular highlights: Extensive user administration that allows the operation of the system to be adjusted to the individual requirements of each user, and an integrated reporting tool that records all parameters applied. These features enable customers to fulfill GMP Guide Annex 11 and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations[LD1] .

With its small footprint and full scope of inspection, the SpotWatcher® S offers ideal inspection capabilities for pharma bottle producers. The system will be demonstrated in the INTRAVIS booth W3391.


Turnkey smart-camera-solution premieres in North America

Another innovation to be exhibited in North America for the first time is the IntraOne!. With this system, INTRAVIS offers a new single-camera-solution for bottles, closures and preforms as well as labels and decoration. The IntraOne! is a turnkey system combining the advantages of a smart-camera with the well-established IntraVision software, and it will be available for demonstrations in the INTRAVIS booth W3391.


Complete solutions for closure inspection at partner booths

INTRAVIS will demonstrate additional inspection solutions at their partners’ booths. At the ENGEL booth (W3303) the CapWatcher® III with integrated print inspection for the control of printed closures will be presented, along with newly developed cross conveyor and Z-cooling-conveyor now available from INTRAVIS.

A second CapWatcher® III can be found at the booth of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag (W3045). The highlight: INTRAVIS’ IntraVisualizer software, which collects data, analyzes trends, and even offers Estimated Time to Failure (ETF) warnings. This software allows operators to adjust parameters before defects occur, reducing scrap and significantly increasing productivity.


You will find us here:

INTRAVIS: booth W3391

ENGEL: booth W3303

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag: booth W3045

Whether transparent or opaque – the 17 cameras of the PreWatcher Offline don’t miss any defects

Whether transparent or opaque – the 17 cameras of the PreWatcher Offline don’t miss any defects © INTRAVIS