Wednesday, 24. May 2017

Review: 4th International User Meeting

Industry get-together attracts participants from all over the world

For the fourth time, INTRAVIS invited professionals of the plastics packaging industry to the International User Meeting in Aachen, Germany. From May 10th - 12th, the topic "Industry 4.0 - revolution for the plastic packaging industry?!" was discussed by more than 50 participants from all over the world. Important industry leaders such as packaging manufacturers, fillers as well as scientists attended the User Meeting and created a comprehensive picture of the subject.

Presentations with various focuses

The User Meeting included five presentations, which gave a general, as well as, a specialized overview on the plastics packaging industry and Industry 4.0.

The presentation by Dr. Phillip Przybysz, for example dealt with one of the core questions of Industry 4.0 and the ongoing automation: “Will automation replace our jobs?” His conclusion: There will be a loss in jobs for certain tasks, but on the other hand automation will also create other jobs with new qualification requirements.

How Industry 4.0 can enable innovative technologies in the plastics processing industry was the topic of Pascal Bibow’s presentation. Representing the Institute of Plastics Processing of the RWTH Aachen, he not only gave theoretical information, but also presented results of applied research.

Time for networking

Aside from the presentations, the participants had many chances to exchange views on the topic of Industry 4.0. “Especially the networking aspect always has been our main goal for the User Meeting”, says Dr. Gerd Fuhrmann, Founder and President of INTRAVIS.  He added: “Every one of us has an opinion about this buzzword Industry 4.0 and what it will result in. For this year’s User Meeting our goal was to enable a dialog between participants and provide a platform for the plastics packaging industry to share its view.”

The positive feedback of all the participants proves that INTRAVIS was right - the 5th International User Meeting in 2018 is already in the making.

INTRAVIS' 4th International User Meeting

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