Friday, 14. October 2016

UPDATE: Prepared for Industry 4.0 - INTRAVIS at K 2016

Larger, versatile, innovative: INTRAVIS GmbH presents itself as a global leader of vision inspection systems at this year's K Show. The company will exhibit different technical innovations not only at their own booth (11A58) but also at partner booths.

Industry 4.0 is a buzzword everyone's talking about. In the field of plastic packaging, it stands for the fusion of modern IT with current production technologies. The goal is to achieve better cost and time efficiency for production and excellent product quality. Especially the latter INTRAVIS supports with advanced inspection technology of hardware and software.

Layer Watcher: Measuring layers non-destructively

An absolute highlight is the latest INTRAVIS development, the LayerWatcher. The system is able to accurately determine the position and thickness of layers in the preform by measurements with coherent infrared light. Instead of determining the layer thickness at one point only, the LayerWatcher with its extremely high data rate provides an entire network of points and therefore a detailed description of preform layers. In addition to displaying the current scan in grayscale images, the LayerWatcher also provides the option to evaluate the quality of the layers directly in three-dimensional false color images. Thus, the LayerWatcher is the best instrument for the measurement of barrier layers – in both transparent and strongly colored translucent preforms. During the K-show INTRAVIS presents the LayerWatcher at the booth of Husky Injection Molding Systems S.A., whom INTRAVIS is connected to through a long-term partnership. At the Husky Experience Center, during the K-Show demonstrations of the LayerWatcher are regularly performed with multilayer preforms for various applications. In the injection molding sector, the LayerWatcher is distributed by Husky exclusively.

IntraVisualizer: Prepared for the future

The IntraVisualizer is entirely new developed software converting all measurement results of INTRAVIS systems into simple and easy to read graphs. This way, the user can easily monitor all INTRAVIS equipped lines side-by-side. Different time periods such as shifts or days as well as individual shots can be visualized. The development of different product characteristics can be precisely tracked on the screen. The software is operated on any standard Internet browser and is touchscreen capable.

The IntraVisualizer is also capable of creating trend statistics helping to minimize the reject rate. Selected product parameters are being measured and the progress of measuring results is analyzed by the IntraVisualizer. It also indicates when a value permanently deviates from the desired nominal value. The Estimated Time to Failure (ETF) is shown on the screen and can be generated automatically via email. This is the time, estimated from trends, when products will start to be defective. The user now has the opportunity to intervene in production before the tolerance limit is exceeded. This prevention of scrap saves material and therefore enables increased productivity.

PreWatcher III

Among the most popular inspection systems for preform manufacturers is the PreWatcher III. INTRAVIS is presenting the next generation of this system at their booth. It has been updated with various important innovations. These include a two-way conveyor system that allows for better feeding of the preforms to the centrifugal unit. Any excess preforms can be transported to a dedicated exit away from the centrifugal feeder and be filled into a bunker. The PreWatcher III also includes new software, such as the new neck support ring inspection of the preforms. For this module, no additional hardware is required – the images for cavity number reading are also used to inspect the neck support ring. Defects such as damage, contamination and scratches, which might otherwise cause issues during the production process, are detected.

Co-exhibiting at K Show

INTRAVIS will exhibit other systems in cooperation with multiple partners. A SpotWatcher will be presented at the Kautex Maschinenbau GmbH booth. The for the first time entirely into the Kautex machine integrated system inspects the exterior of stretch- and extrusion blow molded bottles 360° for material defects and detects the smallest and most unusual types of defects even on structured surfaces.

At the Arburg GmbH & Co. KG booth a system of the CapWatcher SC class is displayed performing inner and outer inspection for special closures. The system is also capable of reading cavity numbers providing cavity related statistics.

Last but not least, an IntraWatcher directly integrated into the takeout handling is shown at the Polymac Robotics b.v. booth. Among other things the IML application is distinguished by a newly developed bar code reading.


Exhibit locations:

INTRAVIS booth: Hall 11, A58

Husky booth: Hall 13, A61

Arburg booth: Hall 13, A13-1 / A13-2

Kautex booth: Hall 14, A16 / A18

Polymac booth: Hall 13, B59



K 2016

K 2016