The INTRAVIS SpotWatcher performs a full 360° inspection of each bottle using up to 15 high-resolution cameras ensuring detection of any possible defect. In its standard configuration it inspects bottles for material defects such as material contamination, burn spots, pin holes and color smears with speeds up to 20 objects per second. With optional modules, the SpotWatcher inspects all aspects of the bottle, including contour, top sealing surface, thin walls, thread measurement and base inspection.

The SpotWatcher inspects extrusion blow and stretch blow molded bottles for:

  • Holes
  • Material defects
  • Burn spots
  • Color streaks
  • Flash
  • Handle folds
  • Bad cuts
  • Contamination
  • Sealing surface diameter and ovality
  • Choked necks
  • Geometric characteristics
  • Thin distribution of the container base and walls


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